Bennisha Graham

Dolly Daisha

I launched my online shop to share my handmade crafts and artwork with the world. My friends and classmates encouraged me to start a business after expressing interest in buying my creations. My shop offers a variety of items including plushies, hats, keychains, bags, wallets, crochet patterns, and more, with a focus on crochet art.


Student IMPACT


I started my own business because I wanted to share my art work and my creations with the world. I found inspiration to develop my business from classmates and close friends, they gave me an idea to start a business and sell my art work because they loved it so much they wanted to buy my creations. My business is an online shop with handmade crafts and art. I sell mostly crochet art, I make plushies, hats, keychains, bags, wallets, crochet patterns and more.


A person who inspired me to become an entrepreneur is myself. The reason I chose my self is because I inspired my self with my confidence and creativity. A person that has helped me become the entrepreneur I am is a YouTuber named Christian. She is a healing mentor and business coach. She helped me become the entrepreneur I am because her videos helped me with entrepreneur mistakes, keeping a positive mindset, manifesting, and my spiritual journey.


A successful practice I used to elevate my business is to be in a good mindset and being inspired by other artist to get me motivated and my creativity going. A learning lesson I have endured in promoting my business was to never be negative about your business, don’t be upset about what you don’t have, think about what you have now. Think about what you want for your business and learn it, work for it, practice it, or attract it.


Advice that I heard from other business owners is to stay consistent and don’t just give up right away if things are not going right, this is how I accelerated my business. I plan to stay consistent and active with my social medias and promoting my products in order for my business to grow.


I created this company to share my creations. I want to continue creating and expanding my art work and learn new crafts. I will continue to stay creative in my business by staying inspired and finding new things to create.


In the future, I plan to transform the shop by adding more to my website and adding more details and new things to try out. I plan to grow personally by staying positive and taking care of my self. I plan to stay motivated by setting goals and having a set schedule. Advice I have for new entrepreneurs is, You can do anything you put your mind to, don’t doubt yourself.
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