Nico Salcedo

Motive Supplements

As the founder of Motive Supplements, my passion for all-natural ingredients drove me to establish the company, dedicated to helping customers achieve their health goals. Through extensive research, we developed a range of chemical-free supplements, and our commitment to innovation drives us to continue creating new products that meet the needs and desires of our customers.


Student IMPACT


The goal of Motive Supplements is a result of my passion for physical fitness, health, and supplements. As I embarked on my fitness journey, I became increasingly aware of the high levels of toxic ingredients present in most commercial supplement products. This realization inspired me to experiment with developing my own recipes for all-natural protein powders. Moving forward, my ultimate goal is to expand the range of offerings and create a comprehensive line of natural supplements, including creatine, protein, and other products.


Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have been grateful to have the support and guidance of my mentors, my brother Deon and Mr. West. These two individuals have played an instrumental role in my success, serving not only as motivators but also as valuable sources of knowledge and experience. Their dedication to my growth and success has been a constant source of encouragement.


To improve my business, I made an effort to prioritize time management, making sure that every task was completed by my goal dates. Additionally, I adopted the principle of treating everyone equally, which has helped me to create strong relationships with students, customers, and mentors.


Advice that I received during a conversation with Chris Bumstead helped me accelerate my business. He helped remind me to always be open to learning new thing; strategies, practices, customer feedback, etc. He stated that by expanding our knowledge and skillsets, we can stay ahead of the curve and meet the needs of the customers more effectively.


My passion for creating all-natural supplements led me to establish this company, and I remain dedicated to this mission. Researching healthier ingredients was instrumental in the creation of Motive Supplements, and I intend to continue being innovative by developing new products that meet the needs and desires of our customers.


My vision for Motive is to evolve it into a lifestyle brand that transcends the world of supplements. As the company grows, I hope to expand my own horizons by networking with new people and gaining fresh perspectives. Above all, the motivation I draw from the needs of our customers drives me to continue delivering better and more effective supplements. For those just starting their entrepreneurial journey, my advice is to remain focused on your goals while keeping your brand innovative and dynamic. With hard work, creativity, and a commitment to excellence, success will surely follow.
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