Perla Itzel Mondragon Perez

Pearledout Creations

I founded Pearledout Creations to express my artistic passion through various mediums such as floral arrangements and chocolate creations. By pursuing my passions and being my own boss, I found the perfect opportunity to turn my dreams into a reality.


Student IMPACT


I became an entrepreneur because I was drawn to the freedom of being creative, serving as my own boss, setting my own schedule, and making a living doing what I am passionate about.


My grandmother played a crucial role in my entrepreneurial goals by providing me with unwavering support and encouragement during the challenging times. She helped me stay motivated and focused on my goals, ultimately shaping me into the entrepreneur I am today.


Being active on social media has been a successful practice that I have used to elevate my business. I believe that posting as much as I can has helped me reach a larger audience and engage with my customers on a more personal level.


In order to take my business to the next level, I intend to broaden the range of products that I offer to my customers. By doing so, I hope to attract a wider audience and increase my sales. To achieve this goal, I will research what products are in demand and invest in the resources and tools to create high-quality merchandise that aligns with my brand’s mission.


I established Pearledout Creations to express my passion for art through various mediums, including floral arrangements and chocolate creations.


My advice to new entrepreneurs is to persevere, even when faced with initial challenges. The beginning may be tough, but it’s worth it when you start seeing progress. Stay motivated and keep pushing forward, and the orders will come.
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