Tai Lancaster

Prod. Kagi

Prod. Kagi is a business that is solely dedicated to the art of creating exceptional music and crafting unique beats. Our passion for producing music stems from my desire to inspire and uplift not only ourselves, but also the people who listen to our creations. My goal is to make a profound impact on the entire music industry, and in the process, create a timeless legacy that will be remembered for years to come.


Student IMPACT


From the age of 11, I have been creating music and crafting beats. Around the age of 15, I made the decision to pursue it as a profession. Being surrounded by individuals who share the same passion for music brings me immense joy. I aspire to have a career that resonates with me on a personal level and allows me to make a positive impact on individuals like myself.


My father has been a significant influence in shaping my entrepreneurial aspirations. His constant emphasis on the value of hard work and dedication has motivated me to pursue my goals.


Two key factors that I have found to be instrumental in promoting my business are self-assurance and consistency. With confidence, I am able to remain steadfast in my approach and not be swayed by the opinions of others. Consistency, on the other hand, helps me stay focused and maintain a level of professionalism that is noticed by potential clients and customers.


According to renowned music producer “Metro Boomin,” focusing on personal growth rather than chasing fame is crucial. By staying true to oneself, individuals are likely to attract like-minded people and stay on the right path towards success.


My passion for creating art is driven by a desire to inspire both myself and others. My ultimate goal is to make a significant impact on the entire music industry and leave a lasting legacy as an artist who truly loves the craft. To achieve this, I constantly strive to push the boundaries and think outside the box, creating works that are unique and innovative.


My vision for transforming the music industry involves introducing fresh ideas and highlighting the talents of innovative producers. It is essential that these individuals are recognized and given the credit they deserve. I remain committed to staying motivated and dedicated by continuing to pursue what I love.
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